Probus visit RSL

Port Lincoln Probus Club member Ian Harvey presenting a certificate to Port Lincoln RSL Sub-Branch president Gary Clough, with Lee Clayton alongside. Pictures: SUPPLIED

Port Lincoln Probus Club paid a visit to the Port Lincoln RSL Sub-Branch on Friday, April 19, with 31 members attending.

A very Informative presentation was given by sub-branch president Gary Clough on the history of the Port Lincoln sub-branch and the opening of its building in 1953.

Weddings back in that time were also conducted there.

The sub-branch has turned a corner for a better future, with a large number of local volunteers that have hopped in and helped keep it running.

New ideas are being investigated to attract the locals and visitors.

Probus members enjoyed a great lunch put on by the RSL.

Lee Clayton, who is a book of knowledge on history, presented the revamped museum and explained a lot of interesting facts.

Lee has also walked the Kokoda Track three times, the first time being in 1955 – a harder slog then than what it is today.

An enjoyable outing for members would be an understatement, and it is worth the effort for the locals to step in and enjoy what Port Lincoln has to offer.

It is worth noting also that Lee is putting a story together on the unbelievable Catalina seaplanes the Australian Air Force used in World War II against the Japanese in New Guinea.

Eighty-six years later, some are still flying.