Going hairless for homeless

Port Lincoln's Dylan Cowley is growing his hair, to eventually shave it off and go hairless for the homeless. The more money he raises, the more hair to get the chop! Picture: CHARLOTTE MARTIN 384065_01

Port Lincoln’s Dylan Cowley is a man about town on a noble endeavour to raise funds for the city’s homeless with a big shave.

A city councillor, husband, father, keyboard player for his church on Sunday and employee at West Coast Youth and Community Support (WCYCS), Mr Cowley announced at the start of the year he would not trim his beard or hair for the next six months in preparation for the cause.

On Friday, June 28, he will shave his hair, with a different level of sacrifice depending on the amount of money raised.

“In my role at WCYCS I see people from all walks of life struggling with the current housing and rental crisis,” he said.

“WCYCS can only do so much. The generous donations I have witnessed from the community has inspired me to do something a bit out there and definitely out of my comfort zone.”

Some different tiers of donation milestones include: for $1250, Mr Cowley will shave his moustache and beard; if he raises $5000 he will shave his arms and legs; for $7500 his head; and for the whopping $10,000 he will shave his eyebrows.

All funds will go to the Homelessness Support Service at WCYCS to increase the support the organisation provides the community.

To donate to the cause, head to Mr Cowley’s GoFundMe page at gofundme.com/f/Hairless4Homeless