Inaugural showcase a success

Haus of Salem pole fitness studio students at the showcase. Back: Gayle Lang, Alyssa Callaway, Daniela Montenegro, Melissa Thomson, Holley Smith; middle: Brianna Musolino, Daniel Gilchrist, Courtney Reid, Mia Angus, Kendra Dunchue, Majella Mrdjen, Nichole Parthenis; front: Jesse Brand, Nyleakah Elliott, Courtney Richter, Tamika Haynes, Taia Richardson, and Tobi Threadgold. Picture: FRESH-48 & FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY

Last Saturday saw the first inaugural student showcase for the Haus of Salem pole fitness studio.

Held in the Port Lincoln Hotel ballroom, about 60 people attended the event and nine students performed in the showcase.

Haus of Salem’s Mia Agius said the event was a “huge success”.

“It was amazing, we had such a big turnout, bigger than we all anticipated,” she said.

Ms Agius said the showcase was the first time the students had performed.

She said it was also an opportunity for students’ friends and family to see how far they had come and what they had been up to.

“Before the showcase the majority of the students’ family and friends might have never seen them in action.”

Ms Agius said the students had only been involved in the studio for around six months, with some even newer.

The students had been training for the showcase for about four months.

Ms Agius said the studio has “hugely” helped the health and mental health of its students.

“You have the physical health benefits such as increased strength and stamina, but also self-confidence and mental health benefits,” she said.

“There are so many students who say ‘this is my lifeline, these are my people, this is the place where there’s no judgement’. There’s a sense of belonging, we’re almost like a family.

“The students get to identify and really crush their goals. It’s empowering for the women and for the men who participate.”