EPA finds company compliant with licence

The Environmental Protection Agency said AgriBait was not in breach of its licence agreement. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

A concerned Port Lincoln resident raised a complaint with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding manufacturing plant AgriBait on Pine Freezers Road, claiming it had been emitting a “sickly plasticky” smell for a number of years.

The processing plant uses Metaldehyde amongst other chemicals in a forced air drying process that the complainant believed was in breach of the company’s terms of licence with the EPA, allowing for crushing, grinding and milling works.

The EPA asked the resident to fill in an odour diary, noting times, frequency and intensity of smell.

The complaint was originally made in April, after the resident made numerous attempts to instigate formal investigation, the EPA has finalised its follow up on the odour reports, a spokesperson said.

“The EPA has followed up on the odour reports it received in relation to AgriBait and worked closely with City of Port Lincoln Council officers as part of this follow up,” they said.

“A full site inspection has been conducted by EPA officers, and this has also been followed by a perimeter site visit by council officers.

“The inspections found Agribait was compliant with all the conditions required under their licence, including any activities of crushing, grinding or milling. The EPA undertakes a number of actions to validate complaints it receives.”

As the resident has been asked to fill in an odour diary more than once as per complaints protocol, the EPA spokesperson said: “There is no set amount of odour complaints that are required to be submitted.”