Community helps by paying it forward

Rikki-lee Makuch was the recipient of a 'pay it forward' from Crystal Hatton. PHOTO: CHARLOTTE MARTIN 362438_04

There has been an increase in ‘paying it forward’ throughout Port Lincoln and surrounds recently.

To pay it forward is to do something nice for someone, for example buying a stranger a coffee if you are in front of them in a queue, then they do something nice for someone else.

The aim is to create a positive feedback loop.

Handyman and landscaper Joshua Cartwright from Snip ’N’ Tip paid it forward at Sacred Crown Barber recently, as a random act of kindness.

“I did it because the economy is pretty rough these days, I thought it would be a good way to help someone out,” he said.

Port Lincoln resident Mena Marzolo had someone pay it forward for her last week at a drive-thru and said it was a lovely surprise.

“It really made my day,” she said.

“When we were driving home my little boy said, ‘that was so nice I feel like I could cry’ and I said, ‘me too’.

“I was so shocked at the time I didn’t even think to pay for the car behind me, but I will definitely be paying it forward.”

Another recipient of pay it forward was Riki-lee Makuch. As Port Lincoln Times was interviewing Ms Makuch at her workplace about her experience, the woman who paid it forward for her coincidently walked through the doors of the coffee shop.

The two ladies discussed the benefits of paying it forward and Ms Makuch thanked Crystal Hatton for her kind gesture.

Ms Hatton said she made the gesture as someone had once done it for her when she was having a bad day and she remembered how much it meant.

“I just had a bad morning and a little voice was telling me to do it, there was a time someone had done it for me and it really made me feel good,” she said.

Ms Makuch wanted to give a shout out to Tegan, a customer who comes into Beach Bakery Express almost every Thursday and pays a coffee forward.