Probus enjoys museum visit

Enjoying the day at the Koppio Museum were: Back: Graeme Cowley, Eileen Strudwick, Ian Harvey, Trevor Ebert, Mary Kelly, Fred Radford, Brian Knott, Frank Slater; middle: Barbara Bartsch, Jill Anderson, Ken Neil, Lorna Dutscke, Marg Harvey, Melva Gardner, Anne Wedding, Glenda Fisher, Marlene Slater, Roger Inglis, Tony Carey; front: Sue Cowley, Barb Carey, Sandra Edwards, Mary Whitehead, Heather Campbell and Elizabeth Neil. Picture: Supplied

The Port Lincoln Combined Probus Club recently enjoyed a visit to the Koppio Museum.

Some members eagerly anticipated the visit as they had not been to the museum for many years – and were amazed to see the voluntary work that had been done, including a tea room, upgraded toilets and an allocated area for children to play.

The gardens were in an excellent condition, as were the very clean surrounds and display areas.

A most enjoyable cup of tea was welcome on arrival, with very Moorish homemade scones, filled with jam and cream,

A lunch break followed later in the day with more homemade goodies enjoyed.

An enjoyable and relaxing day was enjoyed by all members and accolades go to manager Robert and partner Tania for their efforts and support on the day.